Catfish Fishing - Noodling Gone Bad

Leon explains his middle initial - plus the gory details of his fathers premature departure is revealed.

Brain - What?

Woodrow and Leon delve into the inner workings of old guys brains. Many suggestions on how to keep it fed and watered. Special visitor call from Hodge Dewsnip.

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Hemorrhoids and Submarines

"The Enemy Below" - Woodrow offers up a game plan to avoid the ravages of the roids. Leon talks about his favorite submarine movies.

Social Security Red Tape

Leon decides to upgrade his bank account. A visit to the Social Security office unveils secrets of old.

The Art of the Extended Conversation

The avoidance of engaging old guys in lengthy diatribes is the topic of today's dialogue.

401k's and Jello

Leon is out of work. He solves his cash flow problem the old fashioned way - he cashes in his 401k's. Woodrow cuts a hole in the umbrella with talk of the IRS and "taxes."

Russian Brides

The boys talk about the importance of old guys being sociable. The banana theory is unveiled. Leon thinks Russian women are the way to go.

Virtual Makeover for Old Men

Woodrow devises a 4 point make-over to take the crank out of old guys and make the world "crank free."

Old Men Uniforms - Gout Cures

The boys deliberate on old men jumpsuits. Plus an enlightening discussion on the ravages of gout.

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